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The original Bear Lake loops are a total of 5.2 miles and were built in 1957 by early Webb Lake Men’s Club members.

• In 2016, the Dog Town Cluster was added for an additional 4.8 miles.

• In 2018 the Dogtown-Bear Lake loops connector trail joined the two segments and added another 2.2 miles of trail.

• In 2019, Section 36 segment was added to the northwest of the Dogtown cluster for and added 6 miles.

• 2020 brought on the Bramble segment, adding another 12. 9 miles of trail.

• As of 2022, the trail system consists of 31.1 miles for biking or hiking.

The Bear Lake, Dogtown and connecting trail segments of the system are mostly hard-packed and dirt with some challenging hills. These segments roll through a variety of wooded terrain passing near a number of secluded lakes and streams. Section 36 and the Bramble segments are a little flatter. They feature some portions that are loose sand and gravel and paved roads.Fat tire bikes and mountain bikes are suggested for use on the trails. E bikes and hikers are welcome on all trails. After familiarizing oneself with the system, and with a little imagination, a rider can expand the miles by using available old logging roads and game trails all on Burnett County land.

Trail Map

As of 2022, the trail system consists of 31.1 miles for biking or hiking.

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